Macquarie Park


Located 17km north-west of the Sydney CBD, Macquarie Park was originally part of the suburb of North Ryde. The area was once filled with market gardens, poultry farms and vast tracts of bushland, with many beautiful picnic spots and waterfalls.

In the mid-60s came the establishment of Macquarie University and the Macquarie Park Employment Area which saw the rezoning of bushland to allow for industrial activities. The initial concept for Macquarie Park was based on the idea of a similar hi-tech industrial area surrounding Stanford University in Palo Alto, California.

Many corporate headquarters are located in this high growth suburb and it has gained a reputation for being one of Australia’s leading high-tech industrial areas, hence its moniker ‘Silicon Valley’. It attracts many local and international companies from high-tech fields including electronic, scientific, computing, medical and business supply solutions. The major regional shopping hub, the Macquarie Centre, is also located at Macquarie Park and the suburb has its own railway station.

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